Do Labradors Like Blankets? (All You Should know)

Blankets are quintessential to comfort and warmth for us indoors, and it’s no different for labs.

Have you ever wondered why your pooch would lie on a blanket on certain occasions and at other times, they wouldn’t even bother needing one. Why is this?

Also, are you concerned about a blanket’s necessity in terms of what your lab’s cold tolerance is? We got you covered in this blog post.

Here’s whether or not Labradors like blankets:

Labs typically love the comfort and warmth a blanket entails. However, it’s entirely dependent on their preferences and they don’t generally require blankets by necessity as they have a double coat that helps keep them warm. It’s important to note that most labs will do just fine by laying or sleeping on a hard surface.

Let’s dive deeper into the reasons and factors behind this before considering a blanket for your beloved lab.

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Why do labs like to lay on blankets?

There are many reasons why your lab may take a liking to blankets indoors. Below are the most likely reasons why labs can’t get enough of blankets at times.


Among the reasons why your pooch loves being draped in a blanket is because of its ultra-soft feel as well as the comfort that comes with it, especially when it’s cold.

Your lab may also like sleeping on a blanket out of familiarity and routine if you were to leave the blanket accessible to your labs.


Also, your lab may like lying down on a blanket due to your scent associated to it. Labradors have a stronger sense of smell than us by 40 times, and they may capitalize on this by liking whatever it is that has our scent on them, including blankets.

It would then make them feel calmer and relaxed, especially during our absence indoors.

Deep-rooted Instinct

Your pooch also has its deep-rooted instinct to retreat into a soft and secure environment or shelter so to speak, whenever they’re anxious or possibly ill.

This is due to the fact that dog ancestors used to build dens back in the day to seek refuge from predators and harsh environments.

And your lab may have instinctually mistaken the blanket as a den, figuratively speaking. Which is the same impulse that seeks the comfort and warmth a blanket could provide.

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Rewarded Behavior

Your lab may have a proclivity for blankets or (your blankets) if they’ve been constantly rewarded for their behavior whenever they’re on the blankets.

Some owners may unknowingly pet their pooches and leave them playing with their toys on a blanket or a rug, and offering treats thereafter. It will then reinforce their inclinations towards blankets for attention.

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Do labs really need a blanket by necessity?

Labradors are specifically a colder weather dog and they can generally tolerate cool temperatures really well as they are equipped with a double coat. Unlike other dog breeds, labs will feel cold at about 20°F whenever they’re inactive.

With that said, it’s generally unnecessary for Labs to have blankets under 20°F as a rule of thumb as far as its cold tolerance is concerned. This is because their coat normally gets denser and heavier in winter.

But other factors that should be taken into consideration are their age, weight, and dampness.

Older and younger labs do not generally regulate their temperatures well compared to those of their best years. Hence, extra attention to keep them warm and comfortable at night are required.

Similarly, skinny labradors do generally require extra warmth at night than their heavier counterparts as fats act as good natural insulators against cool temperatures.

On the other hand, labs do need an extra bit of warmth at night if they’ve just had a bath, went swimming or if they’ve been wet a few hours prior.

Any amount of dampness in their fur will allow more heat to escape their undercoats, thus making your pooch susceptible to chills.

In these exceptional circumstances, blankets are a necessity for your pooch.

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What do labs like to lie/sleep on?

You may be wondering what your labrador likes to sleep or lie on because they can get quite random with their sleeping preferences from time to time. They may prefer a blanket today, and a sofa the next day.

For the most part, labradors will lie down on whatever they’re comfortable with. They’re good with hard surfaces like ceramic or wooden floors as they have a double coat that naturally keeps them warm at night.

After all, labs can tolerate cold really well on their own.

It’s important to always prepare a couple of options for your Lab to sleep on to see what it likes the most (at least at the beginning). Over time, they’ll choose their preference that suits them the most.

Your pooch would certainly love sleeping on a blanket by your bed as it would have your scent on it, compared to a thicker and bulkier dog bed. Your lab may also love blankets if they’re used to it.

Blankets are a great option if your lab gets a bit cold on the floors during the winter. Otherwise, they’ll choose to lay on a comfy sofa instead. It’s a matter of your lab’s preference.

Alternatively, your lab will appreciate cool pads if its scorching hot outside. And they’ll most likely prefer to lay on hard surface indoors on a hot day.

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Why don’t some labs like blankets?

Some labs wouldn’t prefer a blanket as they are already well equipped with a double-layered coat to ward off the coldness. So some of them won’t ever need it. Instead, they’d appreciate being left alone on a hard surface.

It also indicates that your pooch doesn’t like being smothered by being draped in a blanket. Rather, they’d prefer to choose the sleeping preference that suits them. It’s best to provide a dog bed as an alternative option.

It could also mean that your lab isn’t used to having a blanket, and thus, it doesn’t like it at first. So give it time, and your pooch will gradually favor them for the sake of its comfort.

If the sofa is its preferred place for lying/sleeping, consider placing a blanket on the sofa and see what it does with the blanket.

Furthermore, your lab may not like blankets as a means of comfort because it may perceive blankets as just another chewing object for itself.

I’ve had countless experiences where my pooch would chew blankets to shreds, and in other instances where it would hump it. It’s best to train your pooch in such instances, and they may take a liking to blankets as soon as their behaviors are corrected.

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The recommended blanket for your Lab

If you’re looking for the best blanket out there for your Lab, here are my recommendations. There’s a good chance that your pooch will want a blanket at some point, and I would personally recommend fleecy blankets.

Fleece blankets are generally easy to wash and they dry fairly quick as well. Other than that, it’s also safer for your Lab just in case it likes to chew or suck on blankets as fleece blankets don’t have long strands that may get sucked into your dog’s digestive systems compared to traditional fabrics.

Consider getting a fleece blanket like this one here (Amazon). Your lab can never go wrong with it.

Alternatively, if you’re sick and tired of your dog chewing on blankets; consider a set of PUPPBUDD Dog Bed (Amazon). This durable and comfortable dog bed will help your Lab sleep more soundly and it comes with various accessories as well.

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